Jay Karas directed ‘Dice’ episode named among THR’s best TV episodes of 2016

Jay Karas has directed a few times for Showtime’s Dice, but one of them stood out as extraordinary to The Hollywood Reporter.

The episode, ‘Ego,’ features Adrien Brody and Andrew Dice Clay both playing themselves. Brody spends the day mirroring Clay, in what turns into a hilarious take on method acting.

The episode made the top 15 of the year for The Hollywood Reporter. It was the second episode ever in the series and the first directed by Karas. He also went on to direct the show’s sixth episode “Six Grand.”

Dice finished its first season in May and was renewed for season two in September, which will premiere on August 20. The Showtime hit follows Andrew Dice Clay in a semi-autobiographical look at the comedian as he prepares for his long-awaited comeback in Las Vegas.

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