Nick Enriquez wins an Addy for Shea Moisture’s “Break the Walls”

Nick Enriquez, took home an Addy in the Television Commercial category of the prestigious awards.

The campaign marks the first collaboration between Shea Moisure and Droga5, alongside Nick Enriquez, with a bold mission to generate awareness over the racial divide in beauty treatments.

As Senior Art Director at Droga5 explained to AdWeek, “There’s an aisle called ‘Beauty’ that does not include all people. It’s something that women have been conditioned to accept as fact, but it’s no longer acceptable. Shea Moisture is breaking down the walls that separate the ‘Beauty Aisle’ and the ‘Ethnic Section’ simply by putting their product in the ‘Beauty Aisle.’”

Nick directed the 30 second spot, along with a :60, which launched simultaneously with digital, social, and a behind-the-scenes film. Congratulations to all involved with the compelling campaign, which you can watch above.

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